Leaving the Military – What’s Next?

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Leaving the Military – What’s Next?

Adjusting to life after the military is not a breeze.

Some veterans leaving military service have no plan of action. Because of that, they may face enormous challenges adapting to civilian life and securing jobs after the military. Many veterans have no experience looking, applying, or even interviewing for a civilian job if they entered service right after high school.

You may feel uncertain about how to proceed, but that doesn’t mean your options for a second career are limited. Civilian law enforcement jobs are the types of careers where your service experience is valued the most.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nearly 25% of those succeeding in law enforcement officer jobs have a military background – mostly due to how much these careers complement each other. The structure of law enforcement is very similar to the military. Growth in law enforcement requires many of the same personal traits that make an individual successful in the military. State and local governments are seeking experienced veterans with passion and purpose to help raise the bar on quality policing.

The California Highway Patrol is among the most elite government law enforcement jobs on the market. You can have a fulfilling second career, earn a good salary with great benefits and continue making a difference.

The best part? The transition is easy.

Even as a Cadet at the CHP Academy you will be well paid, get free room and board, as well as full health and dental benefits for yourself and your family. You can also remain on Active Reserve and keep your pay and job if you get called to serve.

Once you graduate from the CHP Academy, you’re automatically promoted to the position of CHP officer. The average starting pay is in the high $90,000s, making it one of the highest paying law enforcement jobs in the nation. There are even opportunities for specialty pay incentives for things like bi-lingual, motor officer, k-9, pilot, or a college degree.

The CHP utilizes the same discipline, integrity, skills and personal responsibility you learned while serving. You can continue to provide safety, service and security to all citizens and visitors of California while having the flexibility of choosing your path and location.

Are you made for more? Explore CHP career opportunities, email a recruiter at recruiting@chp.ca.gov or call direct at 916.843.3275 (toll-free at 1.888.422.4756) to start your second career that will not only support your adjustment to the civilian life, but give you more than what you’re looking for.